Friday, June 4, 2010

Call of Helicopters - Act One


HELICOPTERS #14 & #15 fly overhead shortly after the S.A.S. and the Russian Loyalists begin fighting the Ultranationalists in the village. The HELICOPTERS then drop some troops near the power station. They are both Mil Mi-8 “Hips.”

HELICOPTER #16 arrives after the S.A.S. rescue Nikolai from the Ultranationalists, and picks him up along with the player, Captain Price and Gaz. This HELICOPTER is later shot down at the beginning of 'Hunted.' It is a UH-60 Black Hawk.

Charlie Don't Surf

HELICOPTERS #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28 & #29 carry the 1st Force Recon Marines to the coastal Arabian town, where they believe Khaled Al-Asad is broadcasting from a local TV station. The player is aboard one of these HELICOPTERS, but cannot see it from without until they rope down into the street. All 13 are UH-60 Black Hawks.

HELICOPTERS #30, #31, #32 & #33 fly in from the south-east as the player ropes down from a HELICOPTER. They spend the remainder of the mission circling the map, occasionally providing covering fire. They are UH-60 Black Hawks.

The Bog

HELICOPTERS #34 & #35 fly over the player at the beginning of the mission before heading south. They are AH-1W SuperCobras.

HELICOPTERS #36 & #37 fly across the skyline (from right to left) as the Marines are ambushed by OpFor. They are AH-1W SuperCobras.

HELICOPTERS #38, #39, #40, #41, #42, #43, #44, #45, #46, #47, #48, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53 & #54 fly over the player during the ambush, appearing as the player heads for the stairs that lead down from the street. These HELICOPTERS are a mixture of CH-46 Sea Knights and AH-1W SuperCobras, one of which crashes to the ground and explodes.

HELICOPTERS #55, #56, #57 & #58 fly across the skyline (from right to left) while the player is shooting OpFor with their own machine gun. They are AH-1W SuperCobras.

HELICOPTERS #59 & #60 fly across the skyline (from right to left) as a Marine complains that there is a ton of OpFor in and around the car park for a local merchant. These HELICOPTERS circle this combat zone until the Marines cut the fence and continue their journey. They are AH-1W SuperCobras.

HELICOPTERS #61 & #62 fly in from the north-east and assist the Marines in eliminating a large number of OpFor that have entrenched themselves in a three-storey building. They are AH-1W SuperCobras.


HELICOPTER #63 flies over a bridge as the S.A.S. run to hide beneath it. It then inspects the wreckage of HELICOPTER #16. It is a Mil Mi-8 “Hip.”

HELICOPTER #64 flies over a field as the S.A.S. attempt to cross it, forcing them to hide. Once they are discovered, the HELICOPTER drops off several troops, and continues to harass the S.A.S. for much of the remainder of the mission, until the player shoots it down with two Stinger missiles. It is a Mil Mi-8 “Hip.” (note: this may be intended to be HELICOPTER #63 returning, but it is in fact a different HELICOPTER).

Death from Above

HELICOPTERS #65 & #66 extract the S.A.S. from the junkyard after their fight against the Ultranationalists. They are both CH-46 Sea Knights.

War Pig

HELICOPTERS #67 & #68 fly in from the west once War Pig is mobilised. They attempt to drop several OpFor troops into the north-western corner of the bog. They are Mil Mi-8 “Hips.”

HELICOPTER #69 arrives at the end of the mission to pick up the Marines and carry them to where command believes Khaled Al-Asad is hiding. The player is inside this same HELICOPTER during the next mission, from which they fire a Mk-19 grenade launcher. Twice, the HELICOPTER drops the player off to fight in the streets before picking them up again. It is then destroyed in a nuclear explosion. It is a CH-46 Sea Knight.

Shock and Awe

HELICOPTERS #70, #71, #72, #73, #74, #75 & #76 fly alongside the player during the assault on Al-Asad's position. They include five AH-1W SuperCobras, which break formation and strafe the OpFor troops and vehicles in the city streets, and two CH-46 Sea Knights, which can be seen dropping off squads of Marines to fight on foot.

HELICOPTERS #77, #78 & #79 attack the city from a position perpendicular to the first eight HELICOPTERS, then join them in strafing the streets.

(note: one of these first eight AH-1W SuperCobras, “Deadly,” leaves the battle to re-arm and re-fuel, later returning to provide covering fire. “Deadly” is then shot down.)

HELICOPTERS #80 & #81 drop several OpFor troops into the combat zone while the Marines are rescuing a team who have become pinned down in a two-storey building. They are Mil Mi-8 “Hips.”

HELICOPTERS #82, #83, #84, #85, #86, #87 #88 appear behind the player's HELICOPTER while they are leaving the city. They are all destroyed in a nuclear explosion. They are two CH-46 Sea Knights and five AH-1W SuperCobras

(note: due to the make-up of this group, these may be intended to be the same HELICOPTERS from the beginning of the mission, but there is no definitive evidence for this.)

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